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Newcomers' Info

NRDC-ITA community is pleased to welcome you to HQ NRDC-ITA and our international community.
Our HQ is constantly involved in exercises and missions, which make our work challenging but at the same time, satisfactory. In accordance with the tenets of a life dedicated to the military.

No matter if you are military or civilian, accompanied by your family or not, you will realize that HQ NRDC-ITA provides an opportunity to enjoy immense cultural diversity and to develop unique friendships.
This assignment will undoubtedly provide you with an excellent experience for your future professional and personal endeavours.

Here, you can also experience the rich culture, history and folklore of Italy.
Furthermore, as part of the NRDC-ITA community you can take advantage of many opportunities that our Host Nation, Family Support Centre (FSC), NRDC-ITA Spouses International Club (NISIC), Sport Board and Recreational Board can offer.

The friendships and professional relationships you build today are essential to reinforcing the Alliance and are for sure to last a lifetime.

When you receive notification of an assignment to HQ NRDC-ITA, you should also be notified the name of the person who will be sponsoring you. This person could be a colleague already working at the Headquarters, and often the person you are replacing.

Your sponsor will help you with your possible needs prior to your arrival at the Headquarters, particularly in terms of in processing related documents, possible assignment related issues and accommodation arrangements.

If you have not been notified who your sponsor is, you should contact the authorities responsible for your assignment. In terms of domestic arrangements (housing, Italian legal documents, families, schooling, etc), there are two options for assistance:


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