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Our Military Combat Method Instructor, OR6 Daniele Jacopucci, demonstrates how you can maintain and build on your fitness, whilst observing the restricted movement rules. Always remember to warm up before and cool down after!

WATCH EACH VIDEO LINKED TO THE TRAINING CARDS ABOVE. Always remember to warm up before and cool down after!

Improvisation is key!

There are many ways to stay healthy at home. If you are lucky enough to own exercise equipment you will already be accustomed to this, but anything that raises your heart rate is good for cardiovascular health.

Try walking briskly around the house and up and down stairs. A simple act like walking whilst you’re on the phone will help raise your heart rate. Another option is dancing. Putting on some music and dancing with your kids or partner for 15 mins, two or three times a day is an easy and fun way to contribute to the daily exercise quota. Exercise videos on the internet, Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates are also good ways of promoting physical activity.

Resistance exercises help strengthen your muscles and improve mobility. If you don’t have equipment, don’t worry, body weight exercises work just as well. Squats or sit‐to‐stands, push‐ups and lunges or single‐leg step‐ups are all great for those new to these kinds of exercises. Watch each video linked to the Training Cards above.

Keep active, eat healthily, stay hydrated and most importantly stay safe!


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