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1st United Kingdom Division

The 1st United Kingdom Division is an active division of the British Army from 1809 with its HQ in Mphal Barracks in York.

It is a Light Forces Division, which provides agile, versatile response options globally.


The Division has a long history, dating back to 1809 when it was raised to fight in the Peninsula Wars. Throughout the 20th century, it played significant roles in both World Wars, serving on the Western Front in WW1 and participating in key campaigns such as Dunkirk, North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany during WW2. In 1991, the regiment took part in Op GRANBY during the Gulf War. In 2015, it relocated from Germany to the UK, specifically to York. Fast forward to 2024, the regiment finds itself once again in action, this time collaborating to support Ukraine through a series of operations.


The division is guided by three fundamental key points: Global Response, Persistently Operating, Ready to Fight. The First Division is the British Army's Global Response Division, with a diverse and highly capable force that can respond across the spectrum of operations from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to security operations and warfighting. With a force of over 30,000 personnel, the First Division is persistently engaged, working with our partners throughout the world through our global hubs in Kenya, Brunei, Oman, and Belize. The Division is constantly ready; it ensures and enables the United Kingdom's High Readiness Forces, which can deploy rapidly via sea, land, and air.


From July 2024, the 1st (UK) Division will lead the Land Component of SACEUR's Allied Response Force (ARF), ready to deploy for any of the NATO core tasks: non-combatant evacuation operations, humanitarian and disaster relief, and enhanced vigilance activities.

The Multinational Force will be held at high readiness and includes a land brigade (7 Light Mechanised Brigade Combat Team), an Aviation Task Force, and an integral Operational Sustainment Brigade, supported by elements of the 11th Security Force Assistance Brigade. Commitment to the ARF will continue to build on the progress made since the 2014 Newport Summit to strengthen the Alliance.


The Division has eight Brigades:

  • 1st Military Police Brigade (Andover)
  • 4th Light Brigade Combat Team (Catterick)
  • 7th Light Mechanised Brigade Combat Team (Cottesmore)
  • 8 Engineer Brigade (Minley)
  • 11th Security Force Assistance Brigade (Aldershot)
  • 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team (Colchester)
  • 19th Light Brigade (York)
  • 102 Operational Sustainment Brigade (Grantham)


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