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The Cusani family was one of the leading Milanese patrician families, with links to many of Lombardy’s most renowned dynasties.

Its members held the following titles: Milanese Patrician, Marquis of Chignolo, Lord of Sesto Calende and Campo Rinaldo, Lord of Somma, Crenna and Agnadello. Many members of the Cusani family were in the Order of Malta.

One branch of the family came to include the inheritance and surnames of the Botta, Adorno and Visconti families, before dying out in 1936; another, still surviving branch includes the Confalonieri surname and inheritance.

The Cusani family coat-of-arms has five golden checks and four equal green checks, surmounted by a crest with a warrior dressed in white and girded in red. The warrior is wearing a helmet with three feathers - red, light blue and silver - and holding a sword in his right hand, symbolising the warrior origins of the family, and scales in his left, symbolising justice and fairness. The Cusani motto is: Sic age ne timeas meaning “if you do the right thing, you have nothing to fear”.

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